Thursday, January 08, 2004

Session 4003: LM Penalty for Morning Dilly Dally then High Wind, Low Low Tide

I should not really fiddle with computers in the morning before I go.
I usually end up doing something after I get up, check waves then e-mails and then... 20 min goes... 30 min then an hour.
I should just shut the damn thing off, pack it, get in the wetsuit and go.

The reason why I am frustrated toady is because, so, I made an effort to show up at office for the 9:30 meeting with a vendor. As a result of my morning dilly dallying, there was no more time to surf, so I head straight to work for the meeting. This vendor screwed me over yesterday too by setting up a morning conference call at 8:00, because she wanted to be convenient for the "East Coast folks." Excuse me, who is the customer here? We are buying several million bucks worth of stuff from this outfit. Fortunately yesterday, I just sat here completed a few more things and headed to surf at 10:00.... Now back to this morning. So I get to work (about 5 minutes late) the vendor is late too. So she had to meet with other people and now it is almost 10:30, so finally it is my turn to see her. So, I could have surfed this morning!

The Penalty Phase:

I was still stoked to go all day (like almost any day). So I headed out to LM around 4:00 PM, by now the wind is gusting like 25 MPH and blowing paper and plastic bags all over the parking lot. Fortunately the direction is kind of side/off, so I decided to go out anyway, but when I hit the beach, the tide was getting ready to go to -1 ft. So I go in and walk and walk and it was knee deep for so far out. Then the swells come in all at once across the entire beach all closing out. As I was going out, I was saying to myself, "I am gonna break the board... I am gonna..."

Finally I get out, then looking back, nothing is breaking. So I could have waited for a few more minutes and could just have dashed out?

I paddled for about an hour and left all disappointed. Did not break the board.

So you did not miss much today!

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