Sunday, May 27, 2007

Session 7060 and Its Almost June

Sorry did not take pictures today so I am posting some previously filed stuff.

Today marks the 60th session of 2007 hence the number 7060. In terms of number of times out this year, it looks like I am going to hit a low this year, or I need some very serious catching up to do. This year I have been only out 60 times. So that means basically 12 days per month on the average! We certainly had poor conditions this year with both big poor conditions, windy conditions, and no swell conditions.

Last night we spent a night in Monterey where we had some out of town friends, and so this morning, I tried to get into Asilomar. It was not crowded and I suited up and gone down the stairs. As I was walking towards where the creek dumps, couple of surfers walked up to me and said that they have seen a shark. I looked at the ocean a bit and I did not see one, but by then everyone came back in.

As I came back to the car, my wife told me that there was an injured seal. So I figured that it would be wise not to get in.

We went onto Manresa on the way back, and I really had a great time. The perfect summer beach break condition. Not big, not too powerful, but just tons of fun wave after another to short board on. I caught so many waves, and paddled back for more. In one hour session, I was exhausted and all satisfied. I was so stoked that I forgot to take a picture! So this is one of the shots from the last time we were there. But Manresa beach breaks are really fun as they pop all over the places, and you can pick your own peak that you don't have to share with anyone. And if someone paddle up try to share the peak with you, I just move on to the next one.

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