Monday, February 05, 2007

Session 7021

With a note from a local friend of this spot being "phenomenal" this weekend, I decided to do a pre-work session here. It was not too big and the ocean seemed like they are producing surfable waves.

Paddle out was not a problem and so I did make the outside without much efforts. But, like I wrote about on my Saturday session, it was still mostly close outs once I was out there, or at least, where I chose to sit they were.

It was kind of a bit frustrating situation where when I look left and right of me there were "Darn, I should paddle out there." Then I do, and where I was starts to happen.

But, it was nice, balmy, and I had the whole place to myself. Not too shabby, as the last place I want to be would be a place where there are a bunch of hot surfers and there is no room for me to take off.

And when waves are closing out fast, I still give a try, since some people around here can surf on this kind of stuff. I would be like them some day.


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