Sunday, February 11, 2007

Session 7023: Another Really Fun Day with my Mom!

I actually took my mother to see me surf this Sunday at Linda Mar, and it actually went well. This is actually the first time of her visit back in the U.S. from Japan since I took up surfing, and after parting with her husband last year but I am happy that we did it.

As for surfing, it was great too. The size and shape of the waves were just perfect for me, and the F4. I was only out for less than an hour but that was quite adequate because just about the time I made to the outside, I could take a ride. It was not super crowded like it usually is and many rides were long too.

I was really relaxed, and I was able to feel my arms dangling, more or less to speak, and my shoulders fully relaxed all the rides. I was really enjoying every turn I made.

It was nice, calm, and a bit warm day between the rainy days we had.

I am glad I did it and she also now understands what's good and bad waves!

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