Monday, November 14, 2005

Session 5214

I was originally going to skip this morning, but as you all know two days of non-surfing, and I am already eager to get back in the water no matter what the condition was. So I did hit the water early this morning. Due to the high wind that must have been blowing since yesterday or what, the waves were a bit junky. But the crowd was thin this being Monday morning, I was happy to be out and caught some fun waves.

I am continuing to experiment with the speed building using mainly the tail of the board. Speaking of which, I got the Future Vector fins 4.5 high with a Rusty template on Saturday. I have not put them on yet, but I will try them soon. The inside of the outside fins are not flat like the classic thruster setup, but there is a bit of concavity inside. I am not sure if I can feel the difference, especially at my skill levels, but I am sure to report you if I find out anything.

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