Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Excel Wetsuits Repair Update

Excel Wetsuit Repair Update

I am happy to report to you that my suit is back like brand new. The repair job was so good that it does not look like someone actually fixed something. It was fixed under "warranty."

Basically the following is the timeline:
  • 1 day for them to respond to my original request
  • 1 day to fill out the form and send it.
  • 1 day for them to get back with an RO number
  • 2 days to send it over the UPS Ground
  • about 4 days to get it fixed
  • 2 days for the shipment
So from the start to finish it is less than 2 weeks. I think that's quite good.

The quality of the fix is great and I am very happy with it as I can probably get another full year out of the suit.

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