Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Need More Home Work!

Back at the home break today. I am glad to say and also sorry to say that one of the most difficult break is right within a walking distance from home. I thought I could "do it," but I scored zero today. What a difference a day makes. One day I have what seems like a 30-second ride and the next day, zero, nothing, zilch! But there was others who scored a few nice ones. It was a very sunny day and there was hardly anybody out. One good surfer was commenting, "I am surprised nobody has dropped by!"

You know I have been talking about two things, still some lack of ability or willingness to take on these rapidly falling waves, and also not be there at right time. But days like these also really teaches me a lesson that surfing is not an easy thing to do, and once I think I am OK, then the nature is going to throw another curve ball at you.

One thing though recently, the more relaxed about it, the more I feel I am up to take the challenges. I am right there with others who are taking these waves, and I am now feeling totally at ease being there.

It goes to say that a lot of this is the mind over matters, then the body. When all of that get harmonized then I know I will be getting into these waves.
After the session I took out my submersible camera and took some pictures from inside the water. It sure is a much cheaper way to do surf shots than buying a huge telephoto lens. Of course, there is a big trade off, I was pounded by the waves a few times holding a stupid camera in my hand. I won't envy the life of these surf photographers like Warren Bolster who just moved on recently.

More of my pictures are -> Here.


Anonymous said...

The surf reports made it sound much worse then it looks. I would have dropped by had I seen some of these shots - not too bad out there...

Unknown said...

Hummm... I don't know who this BB person is... I need to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

My name is Blake. I surf HMB and Pacifica on a regular basis and follow your posts frequently. As DogMan would say - C U out there.

Unknown said...

Blake. Thank you for the intro, and thank you very much for reading the WavLOG. I will be seeing you soon.