Wednesday, April 07, 2010

StokeTIP 54: The Importance of a Positive Attitude

Novice StokeTIP 54
The Importance of a Positive Attitude

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Yes, we all know that having a positive attitude is important in just about everything. But I have been reading up more on this stuff from a neuro surgeon.

I am going to quickly summarize this. Based on our current knowledge of our brains, it appears that when our brains process information one of the first things it does it to distingulish "like" or "dislike."

As we all grow up, we tend to accumulate in our brain to process more stuff into the "disklike" category. To make things short, that occurs because our brains tend to work in the manner for preservation. So we always tend to take a safer approach.

You can see that as we get older or observe people who are older than us, they all tend not to like new things, lose curiousity and then witter away.

So what does this got to do with surfing?

Actually what I want to point out is what does this got to do with our "Stoke."

To me the Stoke is driven from our curiousity and constant queests for better experiences on the wave. I refuse to get in the mode where I waer a T-Shirts that says "I rule!" and I refuse to tell people "I only surf at this break only when it is the greatest."

So, maintain your curiousity, always hope for a better wave, better tomorrow, and even when the waves are crappy let's get out and come back and blog or tweet about how much we got out of each of our session, exchange, and share the joy.

Your brains will appreciate it!

See you in the lineup!


Becky said...

Yes a positive attitude really does make a difference. I have learned how to change my attitude (thanks to Denice Kronau's website It has totally rejuvenated my desire to go to work again.

Anonymous said...

do you have a video of you surfing
id like to see =)

Unknown said...

It is definitely over-due to do some of my own surf video. Now that I have an HD production suite, it will be fun to produce such a thing. Thank you for asking!