Thursday, June 19, 2008

Session 8078: Reparing XCEL Infiniti

Day 78

I bought Xcel Inifniti suit with "standard" back-zip configuration a while back, and I really like the fit of the suit and also I like the rubber that is much gummier and stretch-er feeling than other make I have. It is holding up well, but one problem with all of the Xcel suits have in common is the overall weakness in the collar area. For one thing, the collar area usually does not have the finished look, instead it just look like someone took a pair of scissor and cut the opening. As a result, this is the area where it both tears and the cloth lining is coming off.

At any rate, I looked up in their web site and they had a repair order instruction. All you have to do basically is to write to them an email (or call too), and within a day or so someone from there will return you an email asking you with more details about the issue you are having. Then they will send you a PDF form with a return authorization number.

You box it, write the RA number outside of the box and send it either to their location in Hawaii or in Irvine, CA. (Note that it is a real waste of money to send your stuff anything but UPS ground if you are in California since within CA, UPS Ground will get there in 1-2 days, I know this because I use UPS a lot to ship stuff out of my office.)

So yesterday I sent my suit in for a repair. This story to be continued...

~ ~ ~
Speaking of wetsuits stuff, here is another little trick to keep your stuff last longer. Close all Velcro like leash cuffs and booties stuff before you throw them in your bag or tub when you are done. I previously wrote a tip about throwing them the last, but just closing the Velcro is much easier.

~ ~ ~

Half Moon Bay local surfing continues to be on a small but quality side. I really had a lot of fun this morning again! Thanks to the south swells that have been ON for quite some time now!


Anonymous said...

I didn't check the neckline when I bought my most recent Infiniti suit - should have though. It seems the scissors they use to cut the suit are getting duller :(. After less than a month of normal use it's already showing signs of failure. Bummer. I'd much prefer a little more water getting in with a taped collar than having a $275 suit destruct in under a season.

Unknown said...

Hey, thank you for posting the comment. Yeah, definitely they would be my best suits if there is no collar related issues. Especially the front-zip kinds have the inner collar area issues and two of other local buds who got the suit have the exact tearing problems like I developed. I hope that they hear our voice and will address the issue. On the later versions, they started to put some tape around it but that also came off on mine. I do, though, get in the water a lot though.