Saturday, March 24, 2007

Session 7032: Back in NorCAL Winter

After a week of "non-wetsuits required" surfing, we were back in the frigid water of the Northern California. Paddling definitely requires a more effort as some of the power is wasted in stretching and compressing the rubber. But it is cold, crisp and refreshing, and I actually like the feel of duck diving through the cold water. It wakes me up, and also it keeps me going to stay warm.

When we hit SC, we are usually the East Side fans. I liked the East Side so much to the point I even rented an apartment right at the 41 St. for a while. But we stopped by this morning and taken a look in the West Side.

I have to say, we are still very fortunate to have these breaks. They are just phenomenally great breaks whether you are all the way outside in the Lane or inside Cowells. There are so many different waves to chose from. We paddled around at all three breaks today and had a lot of fun.

I wish that I did not get the kelp brake effect. I had a good start at the Lane but shortly after the up turn number 2, either the leash or the fin caught the kelp and I was catapulted up in the air. Don't we all hate it when that happens?

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