Thursday, April 27, 2006

More Diversions: Fresh Ocean Scent/ Surf Scent

The idea of the fishy and kelpy scent, if it is strong may not be appealing. But if we use a very very small amount of my ocean scent mixture and also mix that with some lavender, and some minty fragrances, or even coconut, pineapple type smell it might actually be quite appealing.

There definitely is the scent of surfing, I have realized while I was paddling out today.

In addition to that fishy and kelpy smell out in the ocean, there is a moderate amount of rubbery neoprene and also whatever they put in the board wax of that tropical fruit scents mixes in. The rubbery and waxy smell is kind of exciting. It is the same scent of walking into surf shops, except that in surf shops add the scent of the fibreglass resin compound mixed in. Perhaps, I can market that as "Fresh Surf Shop Scent" for your car deodorizer.

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