Monday, October 10, 2005

Session 5207

I have been planning to do a decent DP but I have still not yet shaken off the jet lag. By the time my eyes open, the clock says 7:00 AM! But I was saved today by the low PM wind and as a result a balmy sunny sunset. I should have taken off a bit early but I had to check out a few things before I had to leave the office.

But I did go in this afternoon, and with the tail end of the bigger swell, the waves got really fun. It was really perfect fall afternoon evening glass-off with the waves just about the perfect size and power for me to take on; not too small and not too fast and pummeling. Some great take offs and turns and some just a bit still a bit of challenge to take off successfully.

I paddled back for more pushing the water steadily behind me I was racing the sun to fit in as many waves as possible. Getting out required some work but it was a welcome situation since I really wanted to get some good exercise too, breathing deep and a lot of air for each paddling stroke, and looking at the setting orange sun to the edge of the beach where people in the lineup started become silhouette in front of the setting sun.

Yes, it is the fall evening glass off, nice fun waves before the cold invigorating winter swells hit our beaches.

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